Potty Training During Night-time=madness!

Potty training is a big step for kids and parents alike. The secret to success? Patience… and perhaps more patience than you ever imagined!


We started potty training my daughter at 2 years old. She finally potty trained during the day at around 3 years old. YAY! However, night-time potty training has been going on for 3.5 YEARS! We have been trying everything we can find online and everything others have suggested; like no drinks after supper, go to the bathroom before bed and even bribes, but nothing seems to work. She would tell us that she’s “too tired to get up” or “I’m just not a big girl”, which started after we had her little brother. Since I get up every 2 hours with baby brother, I go ahead and wake her up to go tinkle on the potty. Some days it works, but most days, there’s that one time she is still wet. We started having her wake up and go take a shower every time I find her wet thinking she’ll hate having to wake up to take a shower and will just get up to tinkle and go back to bed… boy was I wrong! Now she tells me that she can’t get up to go tinkle without me waking her up.
She has been begging for a kitty and she loves sweets… So, we made a reward chart for her. For every day she wakes up dry; she gets a check, but if she wakes up wet; all the checks are taken away. Once she reaches 7 consecutive days, she gets a candy bar of her choice and once she reaches 30 consecutive days, we will take her to adopt a kitty. Has this worked? NOPE! She made it 6 days dry and we were so excited telling her “yay! We get to take you to get a candy bar tomorrow, but remember, you have to wake up dry to get it.”, but she wet the bed! Every since then, she has wet the bed EVERY night! That was about 3 months ago at this point.
I am still waking her up every night when I get up with baby brother every 2 hours. Regardless to being woke up every 2 hours, she was still wetting the bed at least once a night, every night. Well, waking up every 2 hours must be working (knock on wood) because for the past 3 nights, she has been dry! We stayed up late last night and didn’t go to bed until 11, and thankfully, baby brother woke up at 10:30 and then not again until 3:30 AM. Since it was 3:30 AM and the sun was starting to come up, I decided not to wake her up to tinkle because she would have stayed up and since I get little to no sleep most nights, I wanted to sleep. When baby brother slept even longer and woke up at 8 AM, my husband and I got up and I just knew my daughter had wet the bed because I didn’t wake her up at all… wrong! she was dry and super excited when I woke her up! We even high-fived and did a lil jig. 🙂
I am praying that we can get past this and move on. She’s about to start school this Fall for heaven’s sake! Something has to work! Let’s hope this 3 day streak is here to continue… forever!!

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