Welcome! So glad you’re here.

This little ol’ blog is about my life.

This is me.


I’m a bit of a foodie; always coming up with some new creation to serve the family. I enjoy reading, cleaning/organizing, riding the Harley with the husband every chance I get, spending time with my husband and kiddos (4 of them… ages: 13 (boy), 9 (girl), 4 (boy) and 2 (boy)), having friends over to grill, and massage therapy from time to time. (I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist, but I don’t work at the moment because I stay at home with my kiddos). My husband is in the United State Air Force and we are currently stationed in Georgia, US.

Some things to know:
I’m an over-sharer. I break a lot of the rules of blogging by posting sometimes-lengthy diatribes that include lots of feelings. This blog is very much a way of sorting things out for myself (free therapy, if you will), and I’m glad to see my over-sharing sometimes resonates with people. I love the community here, and I hope you will too. We’re all in this together, right?

Besides serious stuff, I will also post a lot about life and love, stuff I wear, organizing and parenting tips, breastfeeding and recipes. Oh, and our love story is pretty awesome. You should check it out!

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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